Thursday, 19 July 2012

Weber Could be a Flyer

  If there are any Preds fans which I doubt there are many now would be the time to start to contemplate the future of the Predators.  You see Nashville may not just be a hockey camp for Carrie Underwoods husband now. Sure without Weber and the lose of Mr Overrated Suter your D line is lead by Ginger Ryan Ellis and a guy from California named Jon Blum. Now that may seem scary at first but Ellis and Blum will be great NHL defenceman after they are done puberty in a few years. But even with that scaring you remember you still have Hal Gil,. (I think he learnt how to skate by now)
  Philly offered Weber $110 million bucks over 14 years. Which is fucking insane that would make Weber into his 40's. Will the Preds match the offer in a week? Should they match the offer within the week? Nashville has said they would match offers given to Weber and after losing Suter (which some see as a blow) losing Weber would be huge.
  I have heard rumors around the net of the Preds asking for Schenn and Couturier in exchange for Weber. Even with those 2 It still doesn't fill the void on the point.

Weber in Philly would look like a good fit. Although personally I think the Flyers are a bunch of fucking homosexuals. We shall see by the end of the week where Weber signs.

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