Thursday, 19 July 2012

Weber Could be a Flyer

  If there are any Preds fans which I doubt there are many now would be the time to start to contemplate the future of the Predators.  You see Nashville may not just be a hockey camp for Carrie Underwoods husband now. Sure without Weber and the lose of Mr Overrated Suter your D line is lead by Ginger Ryan Ellis and a guy from California named Jon Blum. Now that may seem scary at first but Ellis and Blum will be great NHL defenceman after they are done puberty in a few years. But even with that scaring you remember you still have Hal Gil,. (I think he learnt how to skate by now)
  Philly offered Weber $110 million bucks over 14 years. Which is fucking insane that would make Weber into his 40's. Will the Preds match the offer in a week? Should they match the offer within the week? Nashville has said they would match offers given to Weber and after losing Suter (which some see as a blow) losing Weber would be huge.
  I have heard rumors around the net of the Preds asking for Schenn and Couturier in exchange for Weber. Even with those 2 It still doesn't fill the void on the point.

Weber in Philly would look like a good fit. Although personally I think the Flyers are a bunch of fucking homosexuals. We shall see by the end of the week where Weber signs.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Nash Could Be a Red Wing?

Nash Could Be a Red Wing?
    Bluejacket forward Rick Nash could be a Detroit Red Wing? That is what rumor has it. And now since Parise and Suter signed Nash is finally getting to share the spotlight with his brother Steve who just recently got traded to play footbal with a rapist in Los Angeles. Nash is the biggest agent out there still because no one cares or knows of what happened to that goalie that use to play in Vancouver.
  Several teams are interested in wasting their money on the brother of the white guy who plays a black mans sport. They are Detroit, San Jose, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Philadelphia, and the New York Rangers. No matter where he goes he will suck and take up cap space. In most of those places the people at the games do not know what hockey is as their national sports are nas car and tennis.
  Detroit is the most likely place for Nash. Well actually Nash-ville would be just because of all the cheesey lines that come out.
   For those of you that do not know Rick Nash was drafted first overall in 2002. He played his junior in London England. Yet some how managed to play for Canada on a line with Jamal Iginla and his girlfriend Cindy Crosby. It is not known how good he is at basketball.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Paying to Play Junior Hockey?

Paying to Play Junior Hockey?

Its the American way! I laugh at this article here The Erie Blizzard of some loser league down in the US. They call it junior A but from what I hear it is the same calibre as Canadian midget house. They make their players pay to play? I guess it is somewhat like making little girls who think they can be models pay to have their pictures taken.
  When I find more on this circus league I will post it here.

The Jets Must Be Jok-inen

The Jets Must Be Jok-inen
 Come on Winnipeg we wait so fucking long for our team back and you fuck us in the ass again? First you draft Trouba (Erik Johnson the second), you load our team full of basketball players, and then you sign Uncle Fester to a fucking huge deal that looks like it was drawn up while sucking  back too many OV's.
  Its bad enough that god curses Manitoba's capital and only real city with mosquitos, cold weather, and drunk chugs everywhere. But now you have to fuck with the hockey team. This just isn't cool. If we wanted to be bigger losers we should of just kept the team down in Alabama.
   What are we going to do with Olli huck him between Kane and Buff and make an Oreo line?
  In all honesty Jokinen isn't that bad of a player I had the pleasure of watching him numerous times in Calgary. But for the amount of money. 4.5 million a year should by a lot more than what the cueball Fin will provide.

Prediction- Jokinen speaks in Finalandese to Sealane and Temmu comes back to Winnipeg. People ignore the large price tag. Jets are still golfing by May.

Avs Resign Big Bust

Avs Resign Big Bust

 Erik Johnson usually the only time I hear this name is with the word Bust or in the same sentence or compared to Patrik Stefan. The mile high city Nordiques of many moons ago signed the never has been to a 4 year deal. The avs even claim he is better than we think. Well I think he is pretty bad so what is that telling me? People always say to me he was thought to be the best player available back then. I thought then even I would rather of picked Staal, Toews, Backstrom with the first pick.
  The signing of Johnson gives division rivals reason to celebrate as players like the Sedins and the Oilers young guns know now what side to rush down when an offensive transition breaks. Pick the side that Johnsons on we know we will get a great offensive chance to score. After all he is American they don't know anything about hockey. Johnson has his named stetched with such other great Americans who have went first overall like Brian Lawton, Rick Dipietro, and Bryan (one eye) Berard.
  Prediction: No one in Denver knew or knows who Erik Johnson is or ever was. The Avs suck just as bad with him or without him. He ends up playing in Europe before his contract runs out.

Jagr Signs With Dallas

Jagr Signs With Dallas

  Mullet Master JJ signed with The Dallas Stars. The senior citizen signed a 1 year 4.5 million dollar contract. No one in Dallas really cares about sports as Mark Cuban and The Cowboys aren't playing now. There were about 20 teams in the league that even knew who Jagr was when he came into the league last year. This will be Jagr's first time playing for a team in the NHL's western conference. Back when Jagr was a Stanley Cup champion there probably were no teams west of Detroit as Christopher Columbus was still discovering America back then.

  Jagr is not the only dinosaur that will suit up for the Stars next year. If Ray Whitney lives long enough he will play with Dallas. Jagr will be there to take credit with all the hard work that the young players do.
  Prediction: Jagr plays half the season if he is lucky. He will make up excuses that his back hurts or whine about getting hit. He will open up a chain of mens salons.

Parise and Suter Signed by Minnesota

Parise and Suter sign with Wild
   I was working earlier today and I got a text from a friend saying that Zach Parise signed with the Rangers. I rolled my eyes and thought Fuck. I hate the fucking Rangers. Not that I am a big fan of cry baby Mr America whiner Zach Parise myself, but having a player of that caliber on any team is certainly great news. To my surprise I logged onto  my computer and seen that he had signed with the Wild along with the biggest over rated player in the league Ryan Suter. The cap hit for the Wild leaves them with just a little over half a million left. Rumors had it that the 2 were looking to sign on a team together. Rumors that they are lovers have not surfaced strong enough to prove of evidence but still have circulated.
  For Jersey fans like Snooki and Tony Soprano Parise leaves them to go to Minnesota which is home for him and to most of people in Jersey they probably think it is in Canada due to the fact that it snows there. Parise also may of had a chance to sign back with the Devils but since Snooki is pregnant and Tony may want him offed he had to flee back home.
  On to Suter who is the most over rated player in sports (who is white) The Predators apparently were going to offer him 90 million for 13 years but will be glad that they saved their money. This way they can spend it on more tight shirts for Mr Underwoods wife to wear during games.
  Fans in Minnesota are happy of the signing and the fact that they will finally have a hockey team since Mike Modano moved the North Stars to Mexico back in the early 90's.

Prediction: Parise does very well in Minnesota. Has the C stitched on his sweater with in a year. The Wild will make the playoffs. Suter bunks. But still gets praised. He ends up in the minors like Redden laughing his way to the bank.