Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Parise and Suter Signed by Minnesota

Parise and Suter sign with Wild
   I was working earlier today and I got a text from a friend saying that Zach Parise signed with the Rangers. I rolled my eyes and thought Fuck. I hate the fucking Rangers. Not that I am a big fan of cry baby Mr America whiner Zach Parise myself, but having a player of that caliber on any team is certainly great news. To my surprise I logged onto  my computer and seen that he had signed with the Wild along with the biggest over rated player in the league Ryan Suter. The cap hit for the Wild leaves them with just a little over half a million left. Rumors had it that the 2 were looking to sign on a team together. Rumors that they are lovers have not surfaced strong enough to prove of evidence but still have circulated.
  For Jersey fans like Snooki and Tony Soprano Parise leaves them to go to Minnesota which is home for him and to most of people in Jersey they probably think it is in Canada due to the fact that it snows there. Parise also may of had a chance to sign back with the Devils but since Snooki is pregnant and Tony may want him offed he had to flee back home.
  On to Suter who is the most over rated player in sports (who is white) The Predators apparently were going to offer him 90 million for 13 years but will be glad that they saved their money. This way they can spend it on more tight shirts for Mr Underwoods wife to wear during games.
  Fans in Minnesota are happy of the signing and the fact that they will finally have a hockey team since Mike Modano moved the North Stars to Mexico back in the early 90's.

Prediction: Parise does very well in Minnesota. Has the C stitched on his sweater with in a year. The Wild will make the playoffs. Suter bunks. But still gets praised. He ends up in the minors like Redden laughing his way to the bank.

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