Thursday, 5 July 2012

Nash Could Be a Red Wing?

Nash Could Be a Red Wing?
    Bluejacket forward Rick Nash could be a Detroit Red Wing? That is what rumor has it. And now since Parise and Suter signed Nash is finally getting to share the spotlight with his brother Steve who just recently got traded to play footbal with a rapist in Los Angeles. Nash is the biggest agent out there still because no one cares or knows of what happened to that goalie that use to play in Vancouver.
  Several teams are interested in wasting their money on the brother of the white guy who plays a black mans sport. They are Detroit, San Jose, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Philadelphia, and the New York Rangers. No matter where he goes he will suck and take up cap space. In most of those places the people at the games do not know what hockey is as their national sports are nas car and tennis.
  Detroit is the most likely place for Nash. Well actually Nash-ville would be just because of all the cheesey lines that come out.
   For those of you that do not know Rick Nash was drafted first overall in 2002. He played his junior in London England. Yet some how managed to play for Canada on a line with Jamal Iginla and his girlfriend Cindy Crosby. It is not known how good he is at basketball.

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