Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Jets Must Be Jok-inen

The Jets Must Be Jok-inen
 Come on Winnipeg we wait so fucking long for our team back and you fuck us in the ass again? First you draft Trouba (Erik Johnson the second), you load our team full of basketball players, and then you sign Uncle Fester to a fucking huge deal that looks like it was drawn up while sucking  back too many OV's.
  Its bad enough that god curses Manitoba's capital and only real city with mosquitos, cold weather, and drunk chugs everywhere. But now you have to fuck with the hockey team. This just isn't cool. If we wanted to be bigger losers we should of just kept the team down in Alabama.
   What are we going to do with Olli huck him between Kane and Buff and make an Oreo line?
  In all honesty Jokinen isn't that bad of a player I had the pleasure of watching him numerous times in Calgary. But for the amount of money. 4.5 million a year should by a lot more than what the cueball Fin will provide.

Prediction- Jokinen speaks in Finalandese to Sealane and Temmu comes back to Winnipeg. People ignore the large price tag. Jets are still golfing by May.

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